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Oneiric Otium

Removed Reverie

This journal is dedicated to the interpenetration and interpretation of self and other, the inscription of oneself in another, the tragic love of (dis)association. The self as the relation of itself to itself in the process of altered repetition, iterability as alterability. The self in relation to the wholly other (tout autre, ganz andere), and the self in relation to others (things, entities): ultimately, every particular other is wholly other, and the wholly other is in every fragment of others. Tout autre est tout autre. This journal is concerned with interpretation and interpenetration (interprepenetration) of self and other insofar as alterity is manifest not only in other humans or gods, but also in marginality, (il)legality, serious playfulness, irony, ano- and pseudonymity, trance and transition, pharmake and drugs, temporality and temporarity, hallucino- empatho- and entheo-genesis, psychedelic therapy, auto-immunitary community, invagination and hymeneality, et cetera und so weiter, etc.

Regardless of whatever credentials I have, the (in)credibility of what is said on this journal should not be measured accordingly. It is for this reason that I leave my credentials out of this so-called biography. Gender, age, academic education, previous publications, and other determinations should not be blindly accepted, but rather interrogated and destroyed. If any of this "makes sense," so be it. But such a production or manufacturing of sense is simply another matter for question.
aesthetics, albert hofmann, alchemy, aletheia, alex grey, alterity, anaesthesia, anarchism, aristotle, art, avalokiteshvara, ayahuasca, basho, being, bhakti, bioregionalism, bliss, breathe, buddha, buddhism, cannabinoids, cannabis, carlos castaneda, chant, christ, chuang tzu, consciousness, death, deconstruction, derrida, dharma, difference, dogen, ecology, ecopsychology, ecstasy, ego-death, embodiment, empathogens, entheogens, eros, eschatology, ethics, ethnomusicology, ethnomycology, experimentalism, foucault, gadamer, gods, hallucination, hallucinogen, heidegger, heraclitus, hermeneutics, iconicity, iconoclasm, iconography, insanity, interpenetration, interpretation theory, jesus, jnana yoga, john cage, keiji nishitani, lacan, lao tzu, liminality, linguistics, logos, maat, madness, mahayana buddhism, mantra, maria sabina, meister eckhart, merleau-ponty, metaphor, minimalism, mushrooms, music, mysterium tremendum, mysticism, nagarjuna, negative theology, nietzsche, non-linearity, nonduality, o. n. oeric, ontology, parinirvana, parousia, performatives, performativity, phenomenology, philology, philosophy, phonetics, phonology, phonosemantics, plato, poeticity, poetry, polyrhythm, possession, pratityasamutpada, psilocin, psilocybin, psychedelia, psychedelic, psychedelics, psychology, ralph metzner, religion, religious experience, religious freedom, revolution, rhythm, rick strassman, ritual, roman jakobson, salvia divinorum, semantics, semiotics, sexuality, shamanism, stanislav grof, subversion, sunyata, synaesthesia, tai chi chuan, tantra, tao, terence mckenna, thc, theology, timothy leary, transcendence, transpersonal psychology, tryptamines, vajrayana, vodu, wasson, wissenschaften, yoga, zen, zen buddhism